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  • Mary Abbett

    Henry, please, please wish my Mom, Glendora Fleischman, Happy Birthday on Wednesday, March 25. She turns 99 tomorrow. Thanks. 5 or 6 a.m. Would be great.

  • Steve Winters

    Hello Henry. Jo Ann from Diamond Bar would like to send birthday wishes to her daughter Victoria, who turns 16 today, her sister Lori, and your Canadian dialy veiwer, Leanne from Kamloops.
    These are all March 31 birthdays.

  • Karen Akeo

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE wish my U.S.M.C. Veteran #1 son RON AKEO II a very Happy 29th Birthday on March 31,2015 He is The BEST of the BEST!!! Much LOVE from MOM and Kristina

  • Linda Hogn-Estrada

    Dear DeCarlo, Chris was at our Laguna Beach shop in Nov 2014, , it is Autism Awareness Month, we need to get the word out better. Would you please wish Miles4Autism Thrift/Consignment Shops in Laguna Beach and San Jusn Capistrano A HAPPY 1 year ANNIVERSARY, We need to be successful at our shops to be successful in our mission for Free Therapy for Autism, Thank you and God Bless, Love your SMILE!

  • Karimi Santana

    Henry, please wish my grandson Daniel Garcia a Happy 18th Birthday on Friday, I want everyone in La Mirada to know it’s his Birthday. Thank you

  • Katrina Serafinko

    My Daughter is the biggest KTLA fan. Could you give a birthday shout out tomorrow 4/28 to Anastasia Serafinko it is her 11th.

  • sergio garcia

    Henry, today is MMA fighter, Victor Henry,s 28th Birth Day. will you wish him a Happy Birth Day. Thank You.

  • Rebecca Boswell

    Henry, Please, please wish my son Jonah Boswell a happy 12th birthday tomorrow Tuesday, May 5th! 6 am would be great!

  • Kandice

    Henry can you give a happy birthday shoutout to my husband and father in law Michael & Ray Astamendi it’s their birthday Both on May 7th. If it’s possible in the 630-7 time. Love you guys!!

  • Gary McWhorter

    Henry, could you please wish my wife, Debbie Wineger, a Happy Birthday on Friday, May 15? She will turn 59. 6a.m. would be great. Thank you so much.

  • Lisa Machado

    Henry can you please wish my daughter Cecilia a happy birthday. She turns 10 today May 18th. Double Digits!!!!

  • Ron Price

    Please wish my Sister-In-Law, Ilda Givehand, a Happy Birthday. She’ll turn 58 on 5/20. She’s very special to my family.
    Thank you!

  • Sarah Edwards

    Henry can you please wish my daughter Hope a happy 7th birthday tomorrow? Also my daughter Brooke graduates preschool tomorrow too! Thank you

  • Brenda and Ramon Vidal

    Please Henry please!!!! I’d like to wish my daughter Lesley Vidal in Riverside a very special and happy 13th birthday, we all love you very much!

  • Ruben Torres

    Please mention my birthday on the air. I have watch your program EVERY day, and it would be a thrill to hear you wish me, Ruben Torres, a happy birthday on June 17th!

  • Sally Morris

    How do I get a birthday announcement on the air? I’d like to wish my precious daughter, Sara, a happy 15th birthday tomorrow, July 3rd, and the love of my life, Phil, one on the 4th! Thank you.