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  • Mary Abbett

    Henry, please, please wish my Mom, Glendora Fleischman, Happy Birthday on Wednesday, March 25. She turns 99 tomorrow. Thanks. 5 or 6 a.m. Would be great.

  • Steve Winters

    Hello Henry. Jo Ann from Diamond Bar would like to send birthday wishes to her daughter Victoria, who turns 16 today, her sister Lori, and your Canadian dialy veiwer, Leanne from Kamloops.
    These are all March 31 birthdays.

  • Karen Akeo

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE wish my U.S.M.C. Veteran #1 son RON AKEO II a very Happy 29th Birthday on March 31,2015 He is The BEST of the BEST!!! Much LOVE from MOM and Kristina

  • Linda Hogn-Estrada

    Dear DeCarlo, Chris was at our Laguna Beach shop in Nov 2014, , it is Autism Awareness Month, we need to get the word out better. Would you please wish Miles4Autism Thrift/Consignment Shops in Laguna Beach and San Jusn Capistrano A HAPPY 1 year ANNIVERSARY, We need to be successful at our shops to be successful in our mission for Free Therapy for Autism, Thank you and God Bless, Love your SMILE!

  • Karimi Santana

    Henry, please wish my grandson Daniel Garcia a Happy 18th Birthday on Friday, I want everyone in La Mirada to know it’s his Birthday. Thank you