Report a Pothole with MyLA311 Smartphone App

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The City of LA is taking a high tech step with a great new app that lets you report all kinds of issues right from your smartphone. The app is called MyLA311 and it’s available on iPhone and Android.

While the app lets you pay your water and power bill online and get updated city news, the real gem here is the “submit a service request” feature.

myla311 app

Select from a laundry list of options including Bulky Item Pickup, Dead Animal Pickup, Pothole Repair, Sidewalk Repair and more. You can pinpoint your location using the GPS on your phone and even attach a photo so the city can see what you are talking about.

It’s an essential app for any LA resident, but we still don’t know the effectiveness of submitting a request. The city will see a bump in service request due to how easy it now is to submit one from your phone, but prioritization and acting upon the requests is still up to the city.

Here are the links to download the app on iOS and Android.


AT&T says it will introduce a feature meant to make garbled calls history.

It’s called HD Voice and it will be compatible with certain devices running on their faster LTE network, including the iPhone 5.

Sprint and T-Mobile have introduced similar technology but it isn’t clear how successful or useful it is, while Verizon has said it won’t have HD calling until 2014.


Bad news for your used MP3’s: a judge has ruled you can’t re-sell them. That’s going to make garage sales awkward.

The ruling particularly affects a company called Re-Digi, which runs a “pre-owned digital marketplace” where you can buy and sell music you bought online.

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