Hiker Kyndall Jack Endured Injuries, Wild Hallucinations — Stefan Chase Reports

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

“I was injured here and and take a look at my leg,” Kyndall Jack tells reporters.

After  4 days of being lost in the rugged hills of  Trabuco Canyon –  Kyndall Jack knows she’s lucky to have survived!

“I gave up hope,” Kyndall says.

After Kyndall and her companion that day,  Nicholas Cendoya , got lost on a hike.

A simple idea for a fun day in the Orange County Hills.

Ended in a desperate 911 call Easter Sunday night.

“Help… I don’t know if we can make it – we don’t have water.”

Kyndall screamed for help before their cell phone died.

Nicholas Cendoya tried to help authorities pinpoint the lost pair.

“We took a detour – we never made it up the falls. I can’t tell you high up, ma’am,” Cendoya told the 911 operator.

Not only were the adventurous teens lost at the time of the call – they were also struggling with dehydration.

And during her 4 day ordeal – Kyndall describes having hallucinations.

“I  just felt things on the ground and I remember thinking I saw animals but they were just branches,” Kyndall says.

On the first night Jack and Cendoya spent lost in the wilderness  – the two friends somehow became separated.

Wednesday night, Cendoya was found, but Jack remained missing.

After her amazing rescue the following morning – her time recovering at UCI Medial Center – until today – being released from the hospital  – Kyndall is still trying to figure what was real and what may only have been her imagination.

“I remember my friends telling me to drink out of a cup and I thought it was the stems of the tree,” Kyndall tells reporters.

— Stefan Chase, KTLA News

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