Hiker Kyndall Jack Endured Injuries, Wild Hallucinations — Stefan Chase Reports

“I was injured here and and take a look at my leg,” Kyndall Jack tells reporters.

After  4 days of being lost in the rugged hills of  Trabuco Canyon –  Kyndall Jack knows she’s lucky to have survived!

“I gave up hope,” Kyndall says.

After Kyndall and her companion that day,  Nicholas Cendoya , got lost on a hike.

A simple idea for a fun day in the Orange County Hills.

Ended in a desperate 911 call Easter Sunday night.

“Help… I don’t know if we can make it – we don’t have water.”

Kyndall screamed for help before their cell phone died.

Nicholas Cendoya tried to help authorities pinpoint the lost pair.

“We took a detour – we never made it up the falls. I can’t tell you high up, ma’am,” Cendoya told the 911 operator.

Not only were the adventurous teens lost at the time of the call – they were also struggling with dehydration.

And during her 4 day ordeal – Kyndall describes having hallucinations.

“I  just felt things on the ground and I remember thinking I saw animals but they were just branches,” Kyndall says.

On the first night Jack and Cendoya spent lost in the wilderness  – the two friends somehow became separated.

Wednesday night, Cendoya was found, but Jack remained missing.

After her amazing rescue the following morning – her time recovering at UCI Medial Center – until today – being released from the hospital  – Kyndall is still trying to figure what was real and what may only have been her imagination.

“I remember my friends telling me to drink out of a cup and I thought it was the stems of the tree,” Kyndall tells reporters.

— Stefan Chase, KTLA News

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