“Fresh and Easy” Operator Tesco to Sell U.S. Stores — Jim Nash Reports

If you shop at fresh & easy for groceries… Get ready for a big change.

Fresh and easy has announced that its 200 U.S. stores are, according to some reports, going out of business or, according to a company spokesman, being offered for sale “as an operating food chain.”

Either way… it’s the result of a huge 96-percent drop in profits for the chain in just one year.

Fresh & Easy has 200 stores in California… Nevada… and Arizona.

British owner Tesco opened the U.S. chain in 2007 — as the recession hit — and has never really caught on against well-known U.S. competitors.

Some grocery industry analysts think most American shoppers don’t like the self-check-out system… And Fresh & Easy’s lack of coupons and specials which American shoppers favor.

The company spokesman say Tesco has already received a “first round” of un-named bidders for fresh & easy.

— Jim Nash, KTLA News

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