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15th Anniversary of Big Sunday

Big Sunday Weekend takes place on Friday, May 3, Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5, 2013. 

Founded in Los Angeles 15 years ago by David Levinson, a Hollywood-based full-time writer with just 300 volunteers, Big Sunday Weekend is now the largest community service initiative in the USA and stretches across California from the Bay Area to San Diego, AS WELL AS SEVERAL OTHER STATES FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR, cutting across all social and economic barriers and engaging tens of thousands of volunteers from all walks of life who work side-by-side at more than 300 unique and diverse projects over one weekend each Spring. 

This year, Big Sunday Weekend NEEDS AND WANTS VOLUNTEERS of all kinds, for all projects, everywhere!  There are countless opportunities for every passion, talent, skill and age. Projects are scheduled throughout the weekend, and they last anywhere from one hour to two full days.

To sign up to volunteer, or to help in other ways, call Big Sunday at 323-549-9944.

please visit Big Sunday