“Lu on the Loose” With The Derby Dolls

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Every weekend in Los Angeles, groups of women from all over the Southland meet to compete in the ultimate race on wheels – roller skate wheels, that is.

Yes, we are talking roller derby: the fast-paced, full-contact sport where ladylike behavior is left in the locker room and skating is serious business.

roller-derbyDid you know roller derby is actually being considered for the 2020 Olympics?

I laced up with L.A.’s very own Derby Dolls.

“Immediately when you step on the tracks you feel energy, it’s very competitive,” “Hurt Lockher/L.A. Derby Dolls.

“It doesn’t matter how good of an athlete you are, the better skater is going to win.

“I’ve seen torn ligaments, I’ve seen broken ankles, I’ve watched an ankle snap. Its not pretty,” Lockher says.

It’s a game where the thrill of the spill brings fans to their feet… and today I’m channeling my inner warrior on wheels to see what it takes to be an L.A. Derby Doll.

My crash course is taking place inside the Doll Factory – built in 2003 – where you can expect to come face to face with some of roller derby’s best — but *don’t* expect to use real names.

I’m Hurt Lockher, I’m the Schwartz, Blaze, Sarabellum and I’m Parker the Punishher.

Okay, so my derby alias may need some work… but my skills on skates are good enough to earn me a star.

While the dolls take their roles *on* the track very seriously, you might be surprised to know how they spend their time off of it.

“I am a special ed teacher. We have everything from TV directors to nurses and a lot of lawyers. They evidently have a lot of aggression to get out,” Lockher says.

So in a sport where brawling and bruising is expected at every bout, I had to know… what’s not allowed.

“You can’t elbow, you can’t clothesline, you can hit with your head, but you can use your hip,” Lockher says.

My lesson wasn’t without injury…. but after just one day of roller derby,  this rookie in the rink may have found a new calling.

—  Lu Parker  KTLA News

For more info check out: www.derbydolls.com

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