Breaking Down Protein Bars with thinkThin CEO and Founder Lizanne Falsetto

thinkThin Products:

It’s not about weight loss or weight controls, it’s about weight wellness. Weight wellness is finding your optimal weight range at which we feel healthy and happy. Not defined by a specific number on a scale or size of a dress—it’s about being energized, satisfied, confident, sexy. It’s beauty from the inside, out—and that’s how we treat the products that we produce – all natural. Most popular, pantry staple.

12 flavors from chunky peanut butter to brownie crunch
20g protein, 0g sugar

–   Crunch
·      For those who love the tasty combination of fruit and nuts
·      60% less sugar, 2x more protein
·      New packaging—we are baring it all by providing consumers a clear window to our ingredients

–   Divine
·      Next evolution of the thinkThin brand
·      Decadent, nutritious, chocolate and coconut bars
·      Innovative, satisfying—“candy” bar in the nutrition aisle
·      Marries nutritional benefits of coconut with familiar pleasures of chocolate
·      8g fiber, 6g protein, 10g sugar, 160 calories
·      Three flavors
·      Gluten free

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