Instant Party with Jukebox on Your TV

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Promotional Consideration Provided By AT&T

By: Rich DeMuro

Music has gone from records, to cell phone, and now you can stream the songs you already have right to your TV for an instant party.

Singer songwriter Madeline Fuhrman knows the power of music. Her first album was entirely funded by fans on Kickstarter.

“I feel like, when people listen to music, that it allows them to feel an emotion they haven’t been necessarily able to develop themselves or express themselves,” said Fuhrman.

Now thanks to a feature called Jukebox from our friends at AT&T U-verse, you can play the songs stored on your phone, right on your TV screen without cables or a computer.

“U-verse is totally committed to bringing the best technology to our customers,” said Meredith Red from AT&T.

Download the free iOS app and, like a real jukebox, pick the songs you want to play–It works with the MP3s you already own.

Up to six friends can join in!

Add songs to the playlist, rearrange tracks and even vote on favorites.

It’s a cutting edge way to bring that retro experience to your living room.

Madeline will be performing live at Harvard & Stone, May 27, 2013 at 11 p.m.

(5221 Hollywood Blvd.)

Harvard and Stone

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