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Police Called to Break Up ‘Superhero’ Brawl

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — Police were called to Hollywood Boulevard on Wednesday to break up a reported brawl involving some superhero posers.


A fight was caught on video a couple of years ago.

Officers responded to reports of up to eight costumed characters fighting, but said they found nothing. No arrests were made.

One man dressed as Captain America said the fight was prompted by a group of greedy heroes who were picking tourists’ pockets.

He stepped in to take down the thieves, he said.

The man warned tourists to be on the lookout for thieves, and said he hoped for better behavior among the costumed characters.

The “superheroes” share a long history of competing for turf along Hollywood Boulevard as they seek tips from Tinseltown tourists.

A fight among a group of characters including Superman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man was caught on video a couple of years ago.

But despite the many incidents involving the performers, it didn’t appear they were going anywhere.

In 2010, city officials banned the characters, but months later a federal judge overturned the ban, ruling they were protected by their First Amendment right to free speech.