Apps To Know: June Edition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

By: Rich DeMuro

Jun. 5, 2013

With millions of apps in the market and hundreds of news ones being added each week, it can be difficult deciding which ones are worth your time. Each month we scour the app store to show you what’s hot.

This month’s top picks will help you land a job, get in shape, and even figure out which celebrities share your birthday.

Here are your Apps to Know for June:

This app is perfect for recent college grads or anyone in need of jumpstarting his or her job hunt. The Proven app is simple and easy to use: it combines popular career sites like Craigslist and into one place where you can search and apply for jobs.The mobile app even lets you create an on-the-spot resume and keeps track of where you’ve applied.

Piki lets you listen to playlists of your friends’ favorite music. It tracks the bands that your friends are talking about on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, then creates a radio station for you to listen to. The mobile app is only available for the iPhone for now, but it will be coming to the Android this summer.

Say the Same Thing:
Say the Same Thing is a game where you and another player try to figure out a secret word using associated words. The game doesn’t end until you both guess the correct mystery word. The app was the brainchild of OK GO–a band famous for their wild antics in viral music videos. Random trivia: Say the Same Thing was also Apple’s 50 billionth downloaded app.

Zombies, Run!:
Zombies, Run! will add some excitement to your daily workout. It combines your MP3s with an interactive audio adventure where you’re outrunning zombies. The app costs $2 for normal mode and $4 for 5k training; it even works on treadmills.

Famous Birthdays:
Ever curious which celebrities share your birthday? The Famous Birthdays app shows you a list of all the stars that share your special day. Search for celebrities by name, or search by birthday and let the fun begin. Added bonus, the app also has trivia facts about your favorite stars.

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