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Alert Guide Dog Saves Trainers From Out-of-Control Car

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KTLA) — A guide dog-in-training completed his final test by alerting his handlers to an out-of-control car heading right for them.

It all began when a car jumped onto the sidewalk after knocking out a parking meter.

Surveillance video showed the car plowing in reverse down the sidewalk toward the guide dog and its trainers.

The guide dog named, O’Neill, reacted quickly when he heard the car behind them, trainer Todd Jurek told KTVU.

O’Neill, an 18-month-old yellow lab, was on his final field test at the time.

“He reacted probably two seconds before I did,” said Jurek.

According to KTVU, police said the driver was a 93-year-old woman “who had a major parking mishap.”