Teen Vanishes After Embarking on Naked ‘Spiritual Quest’

SKAMANIA COUNTY, Wash. — A teen who disappeared after stripping off all of her clothes and telling friends she was going on a “spiritual quest” was still missing Wednesday, according to reports.


Maureen Kelly (credit: Skamania County Sheriff’s Office)

Friends said Maureen Kelly, 19, stripped naked and walked away from the Canyon Creek Campground at Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southwest Washington with only a fanny pack Sunday evening, CNN reported.

She told her friends she was going on a “spiritual quest” but never returned, according to reports.

Kelly’s friends reported her missing early Monday morning.

Trackers were able to follow Kelly’s footprints, but they lost her trail when she climbed up to a road on the other side of a creek.

“Hypothermia is an immediate concern. Drowning is a concern. Walking naked on the road is a concern. There are lots of concerns,” volunteer Sharon Wade told KPTV.

Authorities reportedly suspended the search for Kelly until the end of the week but did not elaborate.