Technology with Rich DeMuro

Facebook Enables #hashtags for Easier Conversations

Facebook is adding the ability to use hashtags on its pages. You can include them in a status update to help others find a topic you’re talking about or click hashtags cross-posted from other services. The feature is rolling out now.

Yahoo is making it easier to nab a simple username. The company is deleting all usernames that haven’t been used in 12 months on July 15. Then in August it will give users the ability to get the recently-released logins. If you want to keep what you have, you must login by July 15.

Dropbox is the most banned mobile app on company-controlled smartphones.

The Navy will stop sending communications to personnel IN ALL CAPS because it will save money and not look like they are shouting all the time.

Google and Burberry are teaming up to let you send a virtual kiss to a friend from your phone or webcam.