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Hollywood Auction- Star Trek, Nicki Minaj

Allie Mac Kay was live from Premiere Props in El Segundo where Hollywood costumes and props will be up for auction. She showed us Bane’s mask from the newest Batman movie and some of Nicki Minaj’s clothes. The auction will include over 1000 items including lost footage from The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, the iconic straw hat that Desi Arnaz wore in ‘I Love Lucy,’ ‘The King and I,’ John Wayne’s neckerchief from ‘El Dorado,’ Bunny Lebowski’s toe from ‘The Big Lebowski,’ Ann-Margret’s costume from ‘Tommy,’ a wax figure from ‘The Nutty Professor,’ plus costumes from Cher, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj.

 Premiere Props’ Hollywood Extravaganza X
Saturday, June 15th  
10am – 8pm