Teacher Fired Over Threat Posed by Abusive Ex-Husband

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EL CAJON, Calif. (KTLA) — After 14-years as a teacher at Holy Trinity School, Carie Charlesworth found herself unemployed because of her abusive husband.

School officials told Charlesworth that she was being let go because of the danger her ex-husband posed to the campus.

fired-teacherCharlesworth, 41, said the school principal knew all about her situation as a victim of domestic violence.

“I filed restraining orders. I pressed charges. I testified against him,” Charlesworth told ABC News.

In January, Charlesworth alerted the school that her ex-husband, Martin, had threatened her.

So when a maintenance worker saw Martin driving around campus, the school went on lockdown.

After that, the school sent Carie a letter stating that for the safety of the students, the school could not allow her to continue teaching.

Martin Charlesworth was arrested in January and pleaded guilty to “stalking or making a criminal threat,” according to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.

He was sentenced to four years probation and one year in jail.

The mother-of-two said she is considering filing a lawsuit against the school.

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  • Lolita826

    The school has an obligation to protect the students. This teacher and her wacko ex- husband need to take their problems elsewhere period!

    • Esco

      Sadly you are right, who knows what her ex might do? Maybe nothi n g, maybe
      somethi n g violent and devastati n g. We've all seen the carnage someone will do to prove a point and the school had to make a tough decision. I feel for her and see her point but the school is right.
      I hope she is offered a nice severance and other tools to help her provide for her children long term. And hopefully the day will come where she can resume her career down the road if and when this matter's resolved conclusively..

  • BrianOC7

    This sets a dangerous precedent. Now if you want a teacher fired, just threaten the school where she works. Where is law enforcement?

  • Metapy

    This martin guy is just another animal. When a bear, mountain lion, or even coyotes, continue to go into populated areas, where they could pose a threat to humans or pets, these critters are captured and relocated, and in severe cases they are put to death. The victims of these critters are not forced out for their protection or for anyone else. Seems to me that the system has failed in this case.

  • VNgrunt67

    Does not seem to be legal grounds for dismissal. Get a good lawyer!

    Where does one draw the line? Next door neighbor threatens and stalks you… you're fired! It's her ex-husband!