Stylish and Safe Summer Travel Gear

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Jenna Watson, President of Visionary 5,  joined us live with some tips for stylish and safe summer travel gear. Safety Girl 101: Safe & Stylish Summer Travel Gear—including safety plus backpacks, incognito laptop bags, and TSA approved locks for luggage and bags. For more information on the items featured on the show, click on the links listed below.

The Rakuda Companion backpack 
Traditional backpacks are great for travel, but they aren’t fashionable AND the zippered compartment makes stealing contents easy. Luckily, Rakuda Bags has released a gorgeous vintage-inspired backpack that will ward off potential theft with its safety features. The large compartment of the Companion Backpack offers a drawstring closure covered by a top flap with two brass rivets. These brass rivets are the real deal – going completely through the cover flap and holding the leather accents firmly in place on the opposite side. Dual leather loops on the front of the bag help to secure the top flap in place with the help of brass snaps.
Price: $89.99

The Hoodie Laptop Sleeve by Computer Apparel 
Designed with all the same materials as your favorite hooded sweatshirt, Computer Apparel’s Hoodie Laptop Sleeve gives the illusion that your laptop or tablet is just another folded sweatshirt. But, look closer and you’ll find a rear zippered compartment lined with five layers of protective material keeping your laptop or tablet safe from damage and possibly theft. 
Price: $29-$39

SpareOne Emergency Phone
SpareOne is the only emergency mobile phone in the world powered by a single AA battery. Boasting up to 15 years of battery charge when stored unused or 10 hours of talk time when in use, SpareOne is designed to be a lifeline in emergency situations. Sleek and ultra-lightweight, the SpareOne phone is ideal for tossing into your carry on or travel bag for use just in case you end up in a situation where your cell phone dies or your cell provider’s service isn’t working. 

Provides 24 hours of continuous light, a dedicated 911 dial button to alert authorities, and the ability to pre-set 9 important speed dial numbers. 
Price:  $99.99

Urbanears Headphones
Unlike other travel headphones, Urbanears headphones feature independently adjustable left/right ear cups that are adjustable to your own comfort and safer than traditional earbuds. Urbanears is also designed to keep your eardrums safe by carefully monitoring the sound quality to avoid damage.

Plus, these headphones fold to become super-compact (about the size of your fist), freeing up extra space in your travel bag. Available in tons of stylish colors, these are definitely not your old school bulky and heavy headphones! 
Price: $60-$100

DNA/EGF Renewal Travel Kit
This product offers a different type of travel safety, safety from the sun! While traveling by air, the sun penetrates through airplane windows leaving you susceptible to skin damage and premature aging, especially if you’re a frequent flier. Keep your skin safe and looking refreshed with DNA/EFG Renewal Travel products! The kit includes DNA Defense with SPF 30 along with 3 other travel-friendly products that are easy to use on board. Apply the SPF 30 before take off, and just before landing head into the lavatory for a quick face wash with the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser and moisturize with DNA Intensive Renewal. No one will ever suspect you just came off an 8 hour flight. 
Price: $65

The SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse
Keep your travel essentials close at heart with the SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse! It looks like a traditional stylish infinity scarf, but the SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse has two hidden pockets that are perfectly sized to carry the travel essentials — passport, ID, cell phone, cash, earbuds, etc. Not only are your most important travel items safe and secure, but the Clutch Wrap purse will also warm you up in chilly airports and airplanes by wearing it as a traditional scarf. If you get too warm, wear it across the body as a wrap! Plus, once travelers arrive at their destination, the SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse is amazing to use during sightseeing which will free up their hands AND protect them from potential theft or pick pockets.
Price: $49-$79

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