BREAKING: 17 Homes Destoryed as Out-of-Control Sand Fire Grows to 34-Square Miles

Suspect in Hollywood Stabbing Had Been Arrested 46 Times

walk-of-fame-stabbing-mugHOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The homeless man accused of killing a woman visiting one of Hollywood’s most-famous tourist stops was well known to authorities.

Over the last eight years, Dustin James Kinnear was arrested at least 46 times, including seven arrests for assault with a deadly weapon, according to court records and interviews.

Along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he had a reputation as an aggressive panhandlers and troublemaker.

His mother said he’s been in and out of mental health treatment facilities since age 5 and suffered from multiple conditions that could make him violent.

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  • Esco

    46 times through the jail's revolvi n g door with a s l a p on the wrist. He was probably emboldened by all the leniency. And they're releasi n g more of them to the streets soon in huge numbers. Our system is crumbl i n g and the citizens are goi n g to take the brunt of this….sad

  • Metapy

    Why was this person even on the streets, with a arrest record and reputation as printed? Does it always take a death of a innocent victim, before the authorities act? This is almost beyond belief. Sad that he wasn't in a place where he could receive help and be monitored.

  • Hwhy Thes

    This is really not news but just another incident on just another day in LA..!! In recent months, when asked in other cities I travel to, when asked where I am from, I no longer say Los Angeles..!! Rather I say from California..!! My 12 y.o. nephew wonders why there is no sillohette of ahand gun or pot leaf on the state flag.??