$1.2 Million in $100 Bills Vanishes From Airplane

NEW YORK — The FBI is investigating the theft of $1.2 million from Swiss International Airlines Flight 17, which arrived at New York’s JFK International Airport from Zurich, Switzerland, on Saturday afternoon, a spokesman said Tuesday. The money was in $100 bills, J. Peter Donald said, adding it’s still unclear when it was stolen.


(File photo)

Flight 17 was a passenger flight with air cargo, including a shipment of currency, according to another FBI spokesman, Jim Margolin. After the plane landed, the shipment of cash was discovered to be $1.2 million short. Margolin said investigators have not determined whether the money was taken before the flight left Zurich.

He said the cash was missing from a container that the bank uses to transfer currency, which is loaded into a larger cargo container. He said it would take a forklift to lower the currency container into the larger container, or to remove it.

A law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation said the money was headed to the Federal Reserve. Andrea Priest, a spokeswoman for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, had no comment.

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