Pennsylvania Girl Got Second Lung Transplant After First Failed


Sarah and her mother, Janet Murnaghan, before her transplant. (Facebook)

The 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl who underwent a double lung transplant received a second set of lungs three days after the first set failed, her family said Friday.

In a Facebook update, Sarah Murnaghan’s mother said her daughter’s condition “spiraled out of control” hours after the family announced on June 12 that the first surgery — which was done after a federal judge intervened to allow Sarah to receive adult lungs — had been a success.

After moving Sarah to an emergency bypass machine, doctors told the Murnaghan family it was unlikely the girl would survive more than a week.

In a news conference Friday afternoon in Philadelphia, Janet Murnaghan said the family was not prepared to disclose Sarah’s condition at that time, the Associated Press reported.

“We were told … that she was going to die,” Murnaghan said. “We weren’t prepared to live out her dying in public.”

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