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Microsoft Behind the Scenes: 3D Printing, Next Gen Displays

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By: Rich DeMuro
Jul. 3, 2013

Microsoft is a company that has dominated the tech industry for decades and powers computers around the world. And to stay on top of the tech game, Microsoft is constantly innovating new ways we use computers.

On Monday, I took you to the Microsoft Visitor Center and showed you the new Xbox One and new programs like Sketch Insight and Illumishare.

Day two of my tour of Microsoft headquarters started with a preview of Windows 8.1, a look at what’s next for Windows, and a glimpse inside their house of the future.

Windows 8.1 has a more seamless look and the Start button is back.

“The experience is going to be much better, much more refined, and people are going to have an easier time transitioning from previous versions of windows,” said Windows Director of Communications, Christopher Flores.

Microsoft also has a model shop where the company prints out 3D prototypes like the Xbox and other hardware. Designers then find the best form for products and can problem solve using real models.

In Microsoft’s Edison Lab, scientists have also been working on next generation interactive displays that provide useful assistance. In the kitchen, for instance, sensors in the display can recognize the ingredients being used and provide recipes, tips and instructions.

“What we want is for computers to be so powerful that they’re in fact invisible and what they do is they get out of the way so that people do what’s most important to them–to interact and talk with other people,” said Steven Bathiche, Microsoft’s Director of Research.

Microsoft shows off all their technology in the Envisioning Center, better known as the house of the future.

Microsoft’s futuristic home is basically their idea of how you could be living your life. The house of the future has a giant video wall, an interactive kitchen, and tons of touch screens.

Pictures from Microsoft behind the scenes.

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