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Dog Missing for 3 Years Returns Home to O.C. From Florida

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — As a white car pulled to a stop in the middle of a Huntington Beach street, Eric Hough said to no one in particular: “He’s here. He’s really here.”


Dog owner Eric Hough, left, reunites with his dog, Smoke, at his Huntington Beach home. (credit: Cheryl A. Guerrer LA Times)

After a three-year wait, Hough’s pit bull was finally arriving home — all the way from Florida.

Twenty-one individuals and pairs volunteered to drive the dog from a shelter in Titusville, Fla., where he was brought by local police officers a month ago, to his owner’s home in Huntington Beach.

The Sunday evening reunion unfolded quickly. Hough immediately knelt in the middle of the street as the 65-pound, grey-blue pit bull ambled from the car.

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