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Man Who Allegedly Beat, Swung Puppy ‘Like Yo-Yo’ Arrested

HIGHLAND PARK, Calif. — A Highland Park man was arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty after police said he kicked a 3-month-old French bulldog puppy and swung it in the air “like a yo-yo,” Los Angeles police officials said Monday.


North Central Animal Shelter

Joseph Fragoso, 28, was arrested Sunday night in the 1500 block of Avenue 54 near York Boulevard after patrol officers with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Northeast Area Station received a call from a witness that a man carrying a puppy suddenly threw it to the sidewalk and kicked it for no apparent reason.

After further investigation, the officers determined the man, who later claimed ownership of the puppy, then began to swing the dog in the air on a leash “like a yo-yo,” said LAPD Capt. Jennifer Thomas.

“When officers arrived, they found the man wearing a white shirt stained with blood,” Thomas said.

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