Zimmerman Acquittal Sparks Protests Nationwide

trayvon-protestsJust how much George Zimmerman’s murder trial polarized America was on full display once the verdict was read.

Across the country Sunday and early Monday, outraged protesters poured on to streets while supporters kept largely quiet. Protesters denounced the six-woman jury’s decision Saturday to find Zimmerman not guilty in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

While the vast majority of protests were peaceful, parts of Los Angeles grew tense.

Some protesters hurled flashlight batteries, rocks and chunks of concrete toward police in Los Angeles, police spokesman Andrew Smith said. Police responded by shooting bean bags at protesters.

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    • joaquin44b

      You are the joke, those who want to turn justice and the rule of law on its head. The case is over and the jury believed George Zimmermann's defense team.

  • dailydebacle

    You wouldn't get "profiled" if you didn't act like this. The truth is the kid fired the first shot with his fist. He could have called 911. Nope…he wanted to get the "creepy a.s.s".