Funimation Brings Comic-Con to Your T.V.

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By: Rich DeMuro
Jul. 19, 2013

Thousands flock to San Diego every year for Comic-Con, an annual gathering celebrating comic books, animation and everything pop culture.

This year, 24/7 Japanese anime channel Funimation is live streaming band performances, interviews with special guests and much more throughout the entire conference.

Superheroes, monsters and fantasy creatures all come to life taking over the streets of downtown San Diego for Comic-Con 2013.

“It’s amazing,” said one of the attendees, “Definitely lives up to the hype kind of overwhelming.”

“I’m living the dream man, said another passer by. “This is the American dream right here.”

Anime has always been a big part of the show, and it continues to grows every year.

“We see it in people in costume in cosplay, we see it in video games, manga, what they read and we also see it in major motion pictures,” said Funimation Channel’s Amanda Nanawa.

Some of the big names slated to make an appearance at the Funimation Random-Pop stage include Jose Cantillo from The Walking Dead, as well as Jason Mewes from Dogma. Musical guests Cinder Road are keeping things rocking throughout the weekend.

The live streaming channel is available from our friends at AT&T U-verse.

“We offer the Funimation channel to give our viewers, our members a good variety of choices,” said Rene Villapando from AT&T, a 20 year veteran of Comic Con. “It used to be a small intimate convention where you could buy stuff – now it’s what’s coming out.”

No anime convention would be complete without some zombies. But often the scariest of the bunch turn out to be the nicest people in the crowd.

“I’m a dentist in Poway, Calif., originally from Germany,” said an attendee wearing a full Klingon costume.

No matter what you’re into, Comic Con is a fun place to be yourself.

Check out some pictures from Comic-Con.

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