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O.C. Boy Attacked by Ocelot on Vacation in Belize

ORANGE, Calif. (KTLA) — A young boy was recovering at a local hospital on Friday after he was attacked by an Ocelot while on vacation in Central America.


Ronald Altender, 10, is receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital Orange County.

Ronald Altender, 10, was on vacation with his family in Belize when they stopped to visit a zoo.

Ronald reached out to pet the wild cat behind a fence, and that’s when his mother said she heard screaming.

“I just lightly touched the fur that was over the fence and it bit my thumb and pulled on it,” Ronald said.

“I heard, ‘Mommy! Mommy! Help me!’” Holly Altender said.

“The cat just pulled the arm through the fence and got ahold of his finger, and it would not release,” she said.

Ronald was rushed to a hospital, and is now receiving additional treatment at Children’s Hospital Orange County.

Despite the incident, he said he is not afraid of cats, and he even wants to raise money to make the zoo safer for other kids.

Anyone who wants to donate to the animal sanctuary can visit: www.belizezoo.org.