Tuna Capsizes Boat, Drags Fisherman Into Sea

KOLOA, Hawaii — Anthony Wichman probably rather would have told the story of the one that got away.


Anthony Wichman caught a 230-pound Ahi tuna in Hawaii on Friday. The wounded fish dived off the boat, dragging Wichman with him. (U.S. Coast Guard)

Instead, the 54-year-old Koloa, Hawaii, man won his one-hour battle with a 230-pound Ahi tuna — but only after the fish nearly drowned him and left him clinging to his capsized boat.

The Coast Guard said it rescued Wichman by zeroing in on his cell phone signal about 10 miles southwest of Port Allen, Kauai, Friday morning.

While gasping for air, the stranded fisherman called his daughter, Anuhea Wichman.

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