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Drowning Teen Attacked by Shark While Being Rescued


A shark warning sign on the beach of Recife, Brazil.

RECIFE, Brazil (KTLA) — A Brazilian teenager who was on the verge of drowning was attacked by a shark as lifeguards tried to rescue her, authorities announced Tuesday.

It happened Monday in the waters off Boa Viagem in northeastern Brazil.

Bruni Gobbi, 18, and her cousin were on the verge of drowning when lifeguards spotted them in distress, according to the local government’s social defense secretariat.

Lifeguards responded immediately, but in the midst of the rescue, a shark grabbed Gobbi’s left leg, the secretariat said.

Rescuers managed to pull her to shore, but she died later that night at a local hospital.

“The rescuers came in a matter of five minutes, but to us it felt like five years,” Gobbi’s cousin, Daniele, told Globo TV.

Bruna Gobbi was the first woman to die from a shark attack in the coastal state of Pernambuco since record-keeping began in 1992, Globo TV reported.

CNN contributed to this report.