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Tech Updates: AT&T Teams With Disney, Google Launches TV Device

A new app called BarEye is coming soon to Los Angeles. It lets you buy drinks for yourself, friends or anyone else “checked in” to the same bar as you right from your cell phone. You can also pay your tab from your phone without waiting for a bartender to cash you out.

Chipolte faked it’s own Twitter hack attack in an effort to promote its 20th Anniversary. It also picked up 4,000 new followers because of the stunt.

Google has launched what could be a game changing TV device. Chromecast is just $35, plugs into the HDMI port on the back of your TV and lets you watch a variety of video services like YouTube and Netflix using your phone as a remote control.

AT&T and Disney are teaming up to offer better wireless service in their theme parks.

A Forbes writer recently took a test drive in a car that hackers took control of. They slammed on the brakes, blasted the horn and turned off power steering. Check it out here.