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Rare Second Medal of Honor For Fierce Afghan Battle

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Specialist Ty Carter
(Carter Family Photo)

It was a devastating Taliban attack, launched on an eastern Afghanistan outpost positioned so poorly it was nearly indefensible. Combat Outpost Keating was tucked in a valley surrounded by towering mountains. On October 3, 2009, 300 insurgents used the high ground to stage an overwhelming assault on just 53 U.S. troops.

Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha was already awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest honor for his bravery in the face of overwhelming odds during the battle. Now there will be a second White House ceremony, this time to award the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Ty Carter, a member of Black Knight Troop, in the 3rd platoon nicknamed the Bastards.

Two Medals of Honor for the same battle is very rare. The award for Carter marks the first time in almost half a century that one battle resulted in two living service members being awarded the highest honor a troop can receive.

Spc. 4th Class Raymond R. Wright and Sgt. Leonard B. Keller received the Medal of Honor for actions during a battle in the Ap Bac Zone in Vietnam on May 2, 1967. Sgt. 1st Class Randall D. Shughart and Master Sgt. Gary I. Gordon – who were killed in the “Black Hawk Down” fight in Somalia were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for that battle.

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