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Judge: California Prisons Can Force-Feed Inmates on Hunger Strike

jail-cell-bgSACRAMENTO (KTLA) — California prison officials won a federal court order Monday allowing the force feeding of dozens of hunger strikers, including those who signed “do not resuscitate” orders.

U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson ruled Monday that there was a “risk that inmates may be or have been coerced into participating in the hunger strike” and signed such declarations against their will.

Under the ruling the state may feed all prisoners, even those who signed a “do not resuscitate” directive just before the start of the protest on July 8.

The strike was in its 43rd day on Tuesday.

Sixity-nine inmates at six facilities have refused meals since the beginning of the strike.

Another 67 have fasted for shorter periods, according to corrections officials.

The hunger strike was organized by inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison to protest the correction department’s isolation polices.

LA Times contributed to this report.