Study: Average Worker ‘Suffers Office Rage Twice a Day’


(Courtesy: Shutterstock)

LONDON — A new British study showed that half of all workers experience some sort of office rage.

The study published in the Telegraph newspaper found that 51 percent of workers experience office rage at least twice a day.

According to the survey, which was sponsored by Old Jamaica Extra Fiery Ginger Beer, only 13 percent of workers said they would confront the offender while 64 percent try to ignore the problem.

The top 10 annoyances include:

1. Computer crashing

2. Colleague claiming credit for your work

3. Rude client

4. People talking when you`re trying to concentrate

5. The printer won`t work

6. Someone borrows your desk and leaves it a mess

7. The boss fails to thank you for your hard work

8. The phone constantly ringing

9. People who misread / don`t read emails properly

10. You learn a colleague has been bad mouthing you