Fashion Model Offers Help to Homeless and Their Dogs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Jasmine Dustin is a fashion model who has graced the covers of magazines. But she says it’s what she’s doing when she’s not striking a pose that matters most.

The trunk of her car is stocked with blankets, dog treats and pet carriers — supplies for Dustin’s ongoing mission to help the homeless and their canine companions.

On a recent trip to Hollywood, Dustin was looking for a homeless man named Alfredo and his dog Lucky.

“Usually once a week I try to go feed the both of them,” she said.

She first learned about Alfredo and Lucky when a woman contacted her after seeing an online story about Dustin helping the sick dog of a homeless man in Santa Monica.

“I walked by him and I stopped and I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” Dustin said. She added: “I sat with him on the sidewalk, with hundreds of people walking up and down the Promenade, and I said, ‘I promise you I will do whatever it takes.

“I will put this on Facebook and blast it and try to save — his dog was called Big. So that’s what I did.”

By posting a photo of Big on Facebook, Dustin raised more than $1,000. She used the money to take Big to a veterinarian, who prescribed much-needed medication for the dog, as well as a special diet.

After that, Dustin was on a mission.

While she was unable to find Alfredo and Lucky in Hollywood, she did encounter a homeless man and his dog, Wolfie.

After providing both of them with a meal, she and Wolfie posed for a photo. Dustin said she would post the image on Facebook in an effort to raise money for the dog’s medical care.

“Every time I’m in this area for auditions, I’ll come and go up and down the streets until I find him,” she said. “And then we’ll get Wolfie to the vet. I’m excited now.”

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