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Supervisors Want Tougher Penalties for Men Who Seek Underage Prostitutes

child-prostitution-bgTrying to curb the number of men who pay to have sex with children, Los Angeles County leaders Tuesday urged state lawmakers to toughen penalties for men who seek out underage prostitutes.

The resolution approved unanimously by the county Board of Supervisors calls for “johns” to face felony rather than misdemeanor charges, to be required to register as sex offenders and to pay higher fines.

Currently, “The adults are essentially given a slap on the wrist by sending them to something called ‘John school.’ That’s just ridiculous, and it’s high time we treat the adults as what they are: predators engaging in behavior that is morally repugnant,” said board Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas in an interview before the hearing.

Ridley-Thomas sponsored the resolution along with Supervisor Don Knabe.

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