Carnival Ride Malfunction Injures 18 at Connecticut Festival

A malfunction at a festival swing ride in Connecticut sent children crashing into each other and onto the ground — and raised new questions about the safety of such rides.


Photo credit: CNN

Families were enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon at the Norwalk Oyster Festival when a ride called the Zumur experienced a mechanical failure that caused it to stop in mid-air, injuring 18 people, mostly children, the Norwalk Police Department said.

“It was a big boom, a big crash, three or four times over,” Deyo Ello told News 12. “They slammed into the base of (the ride), and then you heard a whole bunch of screaming.”

The ride — which spins swings tethered to metal arms in an elliptical motion — suddenly came to a jerking stop, “causing riders to collide with each other,” according to the statement issued by police.

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