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Ryan After Rehab: Beginning a New Life

Ryan Pearne’s parents feared that without intervention, they’d lose their son to his potentially deadly addictions to drugs and alcohol.


Ryan gets a pat on the back from his dad inside the Pasadena Recovery Center.

But their intervention succeeded, and 19-year-old Ryan spent a month at the Pasadena Recovery Center last spring.

Going in, the Inland Empire teen — himself the father to a 3-year-old — didn’t believe he had a problem.

In treatment, that changed.

Now, after his time at the center and working with New Leaf Interventions, he’s been more than 100 days sober.

The recovery process completely altered his perspective, and he wants other addicts to know they can have a similar experience.

“Find help, it really is out there,” Pearne said. “The world doesn’t have to be a dark place.”