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L.A. Man Slips From Glacier, Breaks Back, Walks 3 Miles for Help

A Los Angeles man is recovering in a Montana hospital after slipping on a glacier, falling into a crevasse and breaking his back.


Jackson Glacier, shown in a photo from Glacier National Park. (credit: flickr/GlacierNPS)

Ted Porter, 36, climbed 40 feet out of a glacial crevasse in Glacier National Park last week and walked three miles for help with a crushed vertebrae in his lower back and other injuries, according to the Associated Press.

Porter and his parents hiked in the park for about a week before he started a solo hike to Jackson Glacier and Mount Jackson on Sept. 3, the AP reports. He and his parents frequently visited the park, and Porter, an experienced backcountry hiker who had hiked in the park alone many times, had worked in the region and attended the University of Montana.

“I’m definitely familiar with the park, and I’m not just some Angeleno who rolled up here and didn’t know what’s going on,” Porter told the Kalispell Daily Inter Lake.

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