Man Slashes Ex-Wife, Boyfriend in Woodland Hills Before Stabbing Himself

Police officers were investigating several stabbings during a hostage situation at a home in Woodland Hills on Sunday, authorities said.

A man hoping to reconcile with his ex-wife came to the house around 8 a.m. with a bouquet of flowers.


A woman treated for stab wounds was taken to a local hospital.

The man found his former wife at the home with her new boyfriend and held the pair hostage with a machete, according to investigators.

Both the ex-wife and the boyfriend were slashed with the large knife, before the man turned the weapon on himself, detectives told KTLA.

The ex-wife was able to call 911 for help around 1:30 p.m.

All three were taken to the hospital.  Both of the men were in critical condition.

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  • esco

    Why do you attack her for this?

    Yet another predictable drive-by comment of yours which you lack the courage to defend. When you disappear and hide after say!ng these th!ngs it really defines you well.