Rain Hampers Colorado Air Rescues With 1,200 Missing

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — As rain continued for a seventh day, inundating much of the state and creating a virtual moat around the closed Rocky Mountain National Park, Sandra Ellison waited at the Timberline Church here Sunday for the helicopters that would evacuate her parents, 86 and 85.


Residents are evacuated by National Guardsmen in Boulder County, Colo., on Sept. 12.

But choppers couldn’t operate in the torrential rain and heavy clouds. Her parents would have to wait another day to escape their flooded, remote community near Glenhaven. Like many others in Colorado, they remained trapped inside a slow-motion disaster that has washed out roads, broken bridges from their embankments and separated families.

“I just wanted to be here when they got off the helicopter,” Ellison said.

Maybe the helicopters will come Monday. If the fog lifts. If the rain stops.

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