L.A. Unified Students Disable Security Restrictions on iPads

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One week after the Los Angeles Unified School District began issuing iPads to pupils at Roosevelt High School, some 300 students managed to disable security restrictions that blocked access to non-scholastic content on the Internet.

lausd-ipad-studentsBy simply deleting their personal profiles on the devices, students reportedly gained access to social media and entertainment sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Pandora.

“It’s like a two-second thing – just, boom, and there,” student Angel Rodriguez said. “Two steps — it’s easy.

“They just didn’t put much effort into it,” he said, when asked about school officials’ initial efforts to restrict Internet access on the tablets.

Students at Westchester Senior High and Valley Academy of Arts and Science also breached the devices’ firewall, according to a statement from LAUSD.

Superintendent John Deasy ordered that home use of the devices be halted as officials consider possible solutions to the issue, an apparently unanticipated wrinkle in the $1-billion initiative to provide an iPad to every student in the district.

“The district also has ordered that tablet deployments be delayed at any school that is unprepared to keep tablets on campus full time,” the statement said.

Officials may decide to purchase a new security application for the devices, or to prohibit Internet access on the tablets when students take them home.

Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly developing an update to its iOS 7 operating system that would allow school officials to remotely lock the iPads and prevent student tampering.

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