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Pit Bull Mix That Attacked Bay Area Fireman Twice is Spared

A pit bull that charged at and bit a firefighter — twice — as he rendered aid inside a Bay Area home has been granted a reprieve from being euthanized.

Pit Bull

A file photo of pit bulls in a shelter in Riverside County (credit: LA Times)

The 5-year-old pit bull mix, Indi, had completed a 10-day rabies quarantine on Thursday and was scheduled to be put down, the Press-Democrat reported. That was, until a trainer said the dog was a good candidate for rehabilitation.

The dog was sent to the Petaluma Animal Shelter south of Santa Rosa after she bit a fire captain’s left leg and hand on Sept. 16 as he rendered aid to the father of her owner, Daniel Dellucci of Rohnert Park.

The firefighter said the pit bull charged into the house and lunged at him twice. He was treated for puncture wounds to his leg and hand at a medical clinic and returned to work, the Press-Democrat reported.

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