Finalists Announced for the 2014 Tournament of Roses Royal Court


The 25 finalists for the Royal Court were selected from a pool of about 950 applicants.
(Photo: 2014 Tournament of Roses®)

The finalists for the 2014 Royal Court for the Tournament of Roses were announced Thursday in Pasadena.

The 25 finalists were selected from a pool of about 950 applicants.

The seven-member Royal Court will be announced Monday, Oct. 7.  One of those seven will be named the 96th Rose Queen on Oct. 24.

Here is a list of the finalists pictured as provided by the Tournament of Roses:

Top row, from left: #686 Noelle Pablo (San Marino High School), #690 Jamie Fadley (San Marino High School), #801 Olivia Connolly (Maranatha High School), #937 Eloise DiMase-Nordling (La Cañada High School), #707 Catherine Tereszczuk (Temple City High School), #689 Veronica Mejia (San Marino High School)

Fourth row, from left: #452 Candace Raymond (Maranatha High School), #506 Adelle Higley (Maranatha High School), #542 Alana Jackson (Polytechnic School), #609 Lauren Widuch (Westridge School), #536 Sierra Wesson (Maranatha High School), #474 Ana Acosta (Polytechnic School)

Third row, from left: #389 Michaela Wiebe (Flintridge Preparatory School), #407 Olivia Kavanaugh (La Salle High School), #413 Cheyenne Smith (John Marshall Fundamental High School), #446 Kayla Johnson (Pasadena High School), #408 Sarah Hansen (Pasadena City College), #397 Mary Carol Poxon (Mayfield Senior School)

Second row, from left: #232 Gabrielle Piccione (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), #254 Elizabeth Woolf (La Cañada High School), #363 Shaneli Jain (Flintridge Preparatory School), #370 Erika Goins (John Muir High School),
#312 Kristen Mueller (Arcadia High School), #253 Katie Lipp (La Cañada High School)

First row, from left: #24 Jamie Kwong (La Salle High School), #79 Marcy Kuo (South Pasadena High School), #102 Anastasia McGregor (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), #145 Isabella de Cardenas (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), #86 Elyssia Widjaja (San Marino High School), #38 Colleen Thaxton (John Marshall Fundamental High School)