2 Accused of Defrauding, Stealing From Mentally Challenged Woman

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Two Riverside County residents were arrested by police for allegedly defrauding an elderly, mentally handicapped woman and conning her into giving them thousands of dollars.

Ontario Scam Suspects Lake Elsinore Maria Elia Chavira Sebre Amadee Abdul Fraud

Maria Elia Chavira (left) and Sebre Amadee Abdul have been charged with defrauding a mentally challenged individual. (credit: Ontario Police Department/Oct. 4, 2013)

Sebre Amadee Abdul, 57, and Maria Elia Chavira, 48, were taken into custody on Tuesday at their Lake Elsinore home, where Ontario Police Department detectives discovered “large amounts of furniture,” believed to be purchased illegally with the victim’s credit card.

The suspects allegedly convinced their mentally challenged victim to open multiple credit accounts, which they fraudulently used, racking up more than $36,000 in purchases.

The pair also persuaded the woman to withdraw $10,000 from her bank account, which Abdul gambled away in its entirety at a Los Angeles County casino.

Abdul and Chavira were taken to West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga and were booked for burglary, grand theft, and elderly abuse, among other felonies.

Detectives suspect that Abdul and Chavira may have defrauded others, and they are looking to identify any additional victims.

Anyone with further information on this incident — or those who feel they may have been similarly victimized — was asked to call Ontario police detectives at 909-395-2732.