Riverside County Supervisors Approve Pit Bull Sterilization Proposal

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Riverside County officials on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal requiring the sterilization of pit bulls and pit bull mixes in unincorporated areas.

pit-bull-whiteThe county Board of Supervisors were revisiting an ordinance that they initially approved by a 5-0 vote on Sept. 24.

The ordinance will mandate the sterilization of pit bulls aged 4 months and older, with exceptions for service animals, law-enforcement dogs and those owned by licensed breeders.

Violators of the ordinance would face a possible misdemeanor charge and a fine.

The measure was approved unanimously, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I’ve been told by people they’re afraid to walk their own pet dogs through their neighborhood, or mothers afraid to walk their children in strollers through their neighborhood,” said Supervisor John Tavaglione, according to The Times. “It’s time to say enough is enough…. I’m tired of seeing innocent people hurt.”

The hearing came one day after an 8-year-old victim of a dog attack was released from the hospital.

James Hernandez was reportedly riding his bike in Corona on Sept. 14 when he was mauled by two Australian shepherd-pit bull mixes.

On Sept. 23, 2-year-old Samuel Zamudio was killed by five pit bull mixes at the home of a relative in Colton.

One in five dogs in Riverside County animal shelters are pit bills or pit bull mixes, officials say.