A Ranger’s Pain Becomes Heroic Salute Seen Around the World

Cpl. Josh Hargis lay in a military bed, seemingly unconscious but clearly alive according to the machines that monitored his every pulse of life after he was seriously wounded by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. His commander approached the bed to pin the Purple Heart on him, and then the Army Ranger executed what military protocol demanded:


Taylor Hargis salutes when all thought he was unconscious, as shown in a photo posted to his wife’s Facebook page.

He saluted.

Hargis’ simple but oh so intense action has become the “Salute Seen Around the World,” drawing numerous views on Facebook after the photo was posted by the corporal’s wife, Taylor. It was also picked up by the Guardian of Valor website, which exposes false military bravery and praises the real stuff.

The photograph shows the Purple Heart lying on Hargis’ blanketed chest and the corporal, encumbered by life-saving tubes, moving his right hand to his forehead.

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