Deputy Badges, ID’s Stolen From Raging Waters

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Authorities were searching Thursday for a man and woman suspected of stealing two duffel bags during a private party at Raging Waters for Los Angeles Country sheriff’s deputies and their families.


Two people sought in theft of credit cards as well as sheriff’s deputy badges during private party at Raging Waters. (credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.)

Dozens of families were at the San Dimas water park on Sept. 22 when the bags disappeared.

The bags contained hundreds of dollars worth of personal items along with two sheriff’s deputy badges and sets of identification.

“When badges are stolen its very concerning to us because people can use these things and they can pose as deputy sheriffs,” said Deputy Johnie Jones with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau.

Surveillance video at the park did not catch anything incriminating. But authorities do have video of two people using credit cards taken in the theft at various stores and restaurants.

“We have pictures of their car, we have pictures of them and now were just asking the public’s help that if they see these things to call us up and let us know,” Jones said.

The alleged thieves are described as a Hispanic man and woman between 18 and 25 years old with brown hair.

They were driving an early 90s model Honda Accord with front paper plates and an oxidized hood, Jones said.

Authorities hope the surveillance video serves as a warning to future thieves.

“If you’re gonna do that kind of a crime and use those cards, were gonna catch up to you,” Jones said.

Anyone with information was urged to contact Parks Bureau Detective Janice Banks at 661-294-3544 or 213-276-8108.