Fit California Mom’s Photo Goes Viral, Gets Praise, Criticism

Maria Kang likes a good workout. And she is getting one after a bunch of angry women turned her into a punching bag.


California mom Maria Kang has been the subject of praise and criticism since posting this photo on her Facebook page. (credit: Michael Byerly)

The 32-year-old Californian fitness enthusiast is under attack for posing for a cheeky photo and posting it on Facebook. The picture shows Kang — who works out for 30 to 60 minutes per day, six days a week — dressed in a workout bra and shorts that reveal an extremely toned body. She’s surrounded by her three young sons — now 1, 3 and 4. Plastered overhead is a simple but loaded question: “What’s your excuse?”

The photo went viral. It has more than 16 million views on Facebook and more than 12,000 comments. Most of the reaction has been positive; Kang estimates that the negative comments are outnumbered by the positive ones by a ratio of 7-to-1.

The photo is provocative. And it was meant to be.

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