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Two San Bernardino Councilmen Charged in Separate Cases

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Two San Bernardino city councilmen are facing criminal charges in separate cases involving allegations of perjury, identity theft and stalking.


The San Bernardino City Council shown in a city photo (credit: city of San Bernardino)

Chas Kelley, 44, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of perjury for failing to disclose $74,222 in monetary campaign contributions, according to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.

Under the terms of his plea, Kelley will be receive 90 days in county jail and five years on probation when he is sentenced Dec. 13.

On Thursday, Kelley resigned from public office and is precluded from holding any future elected or appointed position.

In a statement, Kelley admitted responsibility and apologized to his supporters.

“I have made a terrible mistake and let my constituents, as well as all of the residents of San Bernardino, down. My failure to properly report campaign expenses and contributions is a criminal violation that I am deeply embarrassed about,” he wrote. “These were mistakes on my part, but they are nevertheless violations that preclude me from holding an office of public trust.”

Also, Thursday, another councilman, Robert David Jenkins, was charged in Riverside County with 30 counts in a case involving identity theft and stalking.

Jenkins, 33, was accused of placing “personal advertisements” on Craigslist seeking sex partners while using other people’s names, according to a statement from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

Investigators said he then sent those who responded to his ads to the homes of his intended victim.

One of the victims was someone Jenkins knew and the second was a person with whom the first victim had a relationship.

Both of those victims reside in Riverside County, the DA’s office stated.

Jenkins was also accused of creating a false San Bernardino Police Department internal memorandum in an effort to make it appear that he, too, was a victim of harassment on the Internet.

He was scheduled to be arraigned on Dec. 17 in Riverside.