Dating App That Lets Men ‘Dangle a Carrot’ to Women Being Slammed as Sexist

A new dating app that allows men to “cut to the chase” by wooing women with bribes is getting slammed for being sexist.


A photo from the Carrot Dating website shows founder Brandon Wade with two attractive women

The online matchmaking site Carrot Dating lets users “dangle a carrot” like flowers, jewelry, a tank of gas or even plastic surgery to entice women to go on a first date.

The app was created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate Brandon Wade, who also founded, a popular sugar daddy dating website.

A press release for Carrot Dating says, “There’s only one method of manipulation that has stood the test of time: bribery. It’s a concept so simple that even animals understand — give a dog a bone, and it will obey. Give a woman a present, and she’ll…”

But not everyone thinks wooing women with gifts is a good idea.

In a scathing review of the site, Business Insider reporter Christina Sterbenz compared Carrot Dating to prostitution and called it “blatantly sexist.”

Sterbenz also offered men a bit of advice.

“Even if a woman bites, the resulting relationship is probably doomed. A bribe signals a last-ditch effort, a move of desperation because you can’t elicit the desired results using conventional tactics.”


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