Box Cutter Used to Kill Massachusetts Teacher, Sources Say

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The details are unsettling: a teacher murdered, sources say, with a box cutter in a bathroom of the school where she loved to teach; her 14-year-old student picked up and accused in the death hours later, allegedly after cleaning up, hitting a fast food restaurant and taking in a movie.

Colleen Ritzer CNN Link Off One Time Use

Family photo of Colleen Ritzer (Credit: CNN)

But the most unsettling question of all — why? — remained unanswered Thursday, two days after police say Danvers High School math teacher Colleen Ritzer died at the hands of student Philip Chism.

New details emerged Thursday: Chism allegedly killed the beloved teacher with a box cutter he had brought to school, and then wheeled her body to the woods behind the school in a recycling bin, a source close to the investigation told CNN’s Pamela Brown.

The killer dropped the woman’s body some 30 feet into the woods, and didn’t bury or cover it, according to another source familiar with the investigation. Investigators also found a recycling bin that appeared to have been thrown off an embankment some 100 feet away, the source said.

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