Michaela Pereira Makes a Surprise Visit to the KTLA Morning News

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Michaela Pereira surprised her friends at KTLA Friday with an unexpected visit.


Michaela Pereira visited KTLA on Friday, October 25, 2013 (Credit: Vanessa Ayala)

Michaela left Los Angeles in May, and now lives in New York City where she works as an anchor on CNN’s morning program “New Day.”

The former KTLA Morning News anchor returned to Southern California for Thursday’s announcement of the 2014 Rose Queen.

She served as emcee during the coronation ceremony in Pasadena, where Ana Marie Acosta, 17, was named Rose Queen.

After helping to crown Acosta, Michaela made sure to visit her old friends at KTLA a few hours later. She even brought freshly baked pastries from the East Coast!